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About Us

Namaste, everyone!

We are a Bulgarian and Japanese traveling Yoga teachers couple, willing to meet new cultures, enlighten new practitioners and Yoga enthusiasts.

We are quite happy, joyful, helpful, sharp, fast thinking, disciplined people who are adding to each others qualities to form an excellent team. 

mageaum : mage + aum (meɪdʒ əʊm)

comes from our names 'ma'doka and 'ge'orgi,

also means 'mage' (an archaic word for magician or leaned person)

AUM (or OM) is the most sacred symbol in Hindu dharma, the sound of the infinite.
AUM symbolizes the infinite Brahman and the entire universe.

Each syllable represents the Trinity of God in Hindu dharma (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva)


A stands for Creation / U stands for Preservation / stands for Destruction or dissolution

​Georgi Dimitrov (Vigneswara)

from Bulgaria

with YTTC  200 hours Sivananda Hatha Yoga in Sivananda Ashram, Kerala, Neyyardam, India.

Owner of Yoga Studio Oneness (Yambol, Bulgaria), leading meditation classes and Satsangs, organizing and leading yoga retreats. 

Enjoys inspiring others to improve their lifestyle, health and develop passion and discipline to spiritual progress. Dedicated Pranayama and meditation practitioner. 

Excellent with photography, participated in numerous exhibitions, awards winner.

Georgi Dimitrov

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Georgi Dimitrov Art and Photography 

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​Madoka Ishibashi

(Vani Devi)

from Japan


with YTTC 200 hours Sivananda Hatha Yoga in Sivananda Ashram, India and YTTC 200 hours in Japan, having a TTC done with Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty (Ashtanga Vinyasa).

Completed Pranayama and Kriya course in Kaivalyadhama Institute (India).

Practitioner for classical Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, and other relaxation styles.

Served numerous times as TTC assistant at Sivananda Ashram in India and USA.

Motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced training in yoga and specialization in skills in asana adjusting and alignment, as well as hatha yoga knowledge.

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Where are we?


at Oneness Yoga Studio in Yambol, Bulgaria! (as of Jun, 2018)


Bulgarian and Japanese traveling Yoga teachers couple, based on classical Hatha Yoga teaching.


Our current location is...

Oneness Yoga Studio

Yambol, Bulgaria

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